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Is It Safe To Fly?

Air travel is drastically down around the world due to a fear of flying with passengers infected with COVID-19.    Our products can provide peace of mind by keeping the ventilating system, seats, common areas and frequently touched objects free from germs and viruses.  Using an approved ATP meter, we can easily determine the minimal amount of germs, viruses and bacteria after months of using our 2 part anti-microbial system. 

Who can use this?
EVERY Airport and Airline!


Products used by have been approved by the Boeing study for use in ALL aircraft! 

***Contact us for more information on this study

Let’s end the fear of flying and keep everyone SAFE using our unique 2 step application that will sanitize and vaporize bacteria, germs and viruses. And self-sanitize for years despite the heavy traffic. Think about all the places you touch when in an airport or airplane. Who else has touched that same place? 

Security Areas

Baggage Carts

Baggage Claim Areas 





Restrooms Seats

Arm Rests 

Lap Trays




Every part of the flying experience has been modified with the wellbeing of passengers and employees in mind. Carriers have adjusted boarding policies and in-flight service to reduce touchpoints while also making hand sanitizer available. On board, all A4A carriers have aircraft equipped with HEPA air filtration systems and all members comply with or exceed CDC guidance.


Aircraft cabins undergo increased multi-faceted disinfection processes, which are focused on key touchpoints. Surfaces are treated with approved disinfectants that are effective against viruses. Cabin cleanliness is further improved with the use of electrostatic sprayers and foggers, which use anti-microbial solutions to treat hard and soft surfaces.  For more information, check out the article at
sitting on plane

You NEED Long-Lasting Protection

Controlling viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, odors on a plane and in an airport almost impossible. Until now.  The products we use are Patented, EPA Registered & NSF approved,  and safe for surfaces, toys and all areas used by children. Sanitize, then obstruct any bacterial growth longer up to 90 days!

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