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Are Your Children Protected?

Hot Spots

There is a 2-3-fold increase in risk for respiratory infections, ear infections, and diarrheal disease.


Different colds and respiratory bugs, such as those spread by Enterovirus are commonly spread in this age group.


Some infections spread more quickly than others. Conjunctivitis is commonly spread.

The increased risk is independent of age, race, and social class. Importantly, though, this risk also decreases significantly when appropriate diapering, hand washing, and food-preparation equipment are used. Very infectious diseases might spread if few are vaccinated — like measles and mumps.

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Day Care

Daycares NEED Long-Lasting Protection

Controlling viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and more in a child care facility seems almost impossible. Until now. The products we use are Patented, EPA Registered & NSF approved,  and safe for surfaces, toys and all areas used by children. Sanitize, then obstruct any bacterial growth longer up to 90 days!

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