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Do it for the ones you love

Valentine's Day. February 14. It's that one day of the year when we do special "love" things for the ones we love. We may do those things because we feel "obligated" to do so. Or we may feel that it is a special day to honor our loved ones with gifts from floral bouquets to candy to engagement rings.

According to an article in the February 2022 issue of the Todd-Wadena Courier, "People love the idea of love. If this were not true, Valentine’s Day would not be the third most-priciest holiday in the United States. In 2021 over $21.8 billion was forked over in the name of love, according to Wallethub.

"But, as the article states, 'love might not be the only motivator. Roughly 34% of people expect their Valentine to spend at least $50 on a gift, and 47% of people would also break up with their significant other if he or she spent irresponsibly, so fear is a factor, too.'” (1)

Whatever the reason is, it is apparent that we do things in the name of love. It is as true today as it always was.

We do so many things for those we love, but do we give much thought to the things we do every day to help show our loved ones just how much they mean to us?

Examples of showing our appreciation/love every day

Of course, we all have our own unique ways of showing our families, spouses, significant others, children, and other people in our lives that we love them. It might be as simple as making the bed or a meal or as complex as planning out a vacation or special trip.

It doesn't matter what our special thing is as long as it conveys to the other person that they are important and loved.

According to an article found on Bonobology (2), there are 10 ways to show someone that you love them:

  • Tell them how you feel

  • Little things go a long way to show someone you love them

  • Surprise them to show them you love them

  • Be there for them through thick and thin

  • Show someone you love them by complimenting them

  • Make bonds with people who matter to your partner

  • Remember days/dates that are important to them

  • Ask for their opinion and value it

  • Make them feel special through romantic gestures

  • Try not to hurt them and make up with them if you do

Well, we would like to respectfully add the 11th way and it is probably one of the best ways to show someone that you love them.

Give them a safer home, workplace, school, and more

We would be remiss if we didn't include what we consider vital to the health and well-being of our loved ones—a cleaner/sanitized home, workplace, and more.

Keeping a cleaner, safer home is more than just slopping some water on the floor and calling it mopped or running a rag over the dust on the TV screen.

We are talking about sanitizing your home, workplace, school, or other places (that you have clearance or permission to clean/sanitize at!!)

Since most of us have a reasonable assurance that we can sanitize/clean in our own homes we will stick to that example when we talk about this section.

Keeping your home clean and sanitized is more important now than ever and what a great way to show your significant others/family that you care for them.

Using Vital Oxide just might be the best Valentine's Day gift you can give your family.

This stuff works!

We have used it to remove mold and mildew, cat urine smell, and so much more. It kills germs, microbes, bacteria, and other nasty things that can make you sick.

Watch this short video to get more information on this simple process to keep your home sanitized for up to 90 days!

This Valentine's Day (and all year round) give your loved ones the assurance that you are protecting them in every way possible.

Questions or need further information?

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