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Don't throw the baby out with the bath water

In 2021 there were 139.82 million reported human births worldwide. That is a whole lot of babies! And a whole lot of dirty diapers!

To say that there is a load of extra work with a baby in the house would be an understatement. There are many loads!

But there is also no other room in your home that needs to be kept clean than the one in which your child sleeps and plays.

We all know that using any kind of cleaning products around children, especially babies can be dangerous. Fumes and other toxic things can be especially hazardous to our young ones during their developmental years.

That being said, we also recognize that we have to clean and disinfect their rooms, their toys, and more.

Just because a chemical cleaner makes things look good doesn't mean it is actually killing germs or other bacteria that can find their way into your baby's room, toys, clothes, and more.

What can we do to protect our smallest humans?

According to an article about Vital Oxide (1) this product was "designed around chemistry that is unique in all of nature. Effective on a wide range of viruses and bacteria, including 'superbugs'

like MRSA and H1N1, Vital Oxide breaks down to simple table salt and produces no harmful by-products."

This is important because that means Vital Oxide is very safe to use. When it comes to our smallest citizens that is a vital part of life!

Vital Oxide can help kill all of the bad germs that can make their homes in your child's room.

Dr. Benjamin Tanner, Ph.D., and the president of Antimicrobial Test Labs, LLC, is considered an expert on the "germy nature" of a baby's room.

Germ hot spots include light switches, doorknobs, drawer handles (1), and the like. These places should be disinfected daily.

"The most critical areas are diapers and the millions of germs in them. These germs are easily spread to anything that comes in contact with the baby’s poop. Because germs are invisible to the naked eye, they can be transferred to clean surfaces without our knowing where they will continue to grow exponentially," according to Dr. Tanner.

It only makes sense then, that we need to keep the following areas especially disinfected in our baby's room.

The Changing Table

The changing table or whatever area you use to commonly change your baby's dirty diaper is "the place where diaper messes and germs are transferred from the diaper to the baby's skin and possibly the parent's hands and surfaces. A dirty diaper has more germs in it than anything else in the nursery," according to Dr. Tanner.

He suggests cleaning this area every day by washing it with hot, soapy water. After drying, spray the area lightly with Vital Oxide to eliminate any germs. Also, make sure to clean the changing pad, diaper pail, and any other area that comes into contact with a dirty diaper.

The Laundry

While you should clean and disinfect the laundry hamper for the baby's clothes, you can also use Vital Oxide in the washing machine itself to get rid of those pesky bacteria that don't get washed away and go down the drain.

According to Dr. Tanner (1), "A common misconception people have is that detergents kill germs… but detergents don't usually kill germs by themselves. Washing clothes in a normal wash setting is okay when they're lightly soiled because most germs will simply go down the drain. Even if they do remain on clothing they'll likely be present at sub-ineffective levels. Increasing the temperature of the wash cycle to 140 degrees kills the germs that don't go down the drain. Heavily soiled laundry (especially if soiled with fecal matter) is much different because the quantities of germs on the clothes will be much greater."

Vital Oxide is safe on your baby's clothes (and your's, too!) and will not harm the colors, but it will get rid of those "stinky, poop odors!"

The Floor

This is one area that is often forgotten when it comes to disinfecting. When we have a baby or little one who plays on the floor, however, we need to make sure the floor is clean and sanitized giving the baby and you a clean place to play.

Dr. Tanner does note that "most floor germs aren't of the harmful type, but it's still a hot spot to keep an eye on."

"Vital Oxide can be diluted 5 to 1 to use as a sanitizer on almost any floor or carpet, eliminating 99.999% of harmful bacteria." (1)

It can also eliminate bacteria that cause odors.

Baby's and Children's Toys

Because our little ones tend to put everything in their mouths, keeping their toys washed and then lightly sprayed with Vital Oxide at the end of the play day will help keep those toys more germ-free.

"Vital Oxide is so safe to use, you can spray it on a child’s toy without rinsing making it a 'feel-good to use product.'"

The Bathtub

While the idiom, "Don't throw the baby out with the bathwater" really doesn't have a lot to do with this article, we would be remiss if we didn't mention that disinfecting the bathtub, sink, floor, and toilet are also good practices in which to engage! A light spray of Vital Oxide after washing the surfaces should do the job!


If you want to learn more about how Vital Oxide can help you or if you have any questions, you can contact an agent near you. They will be happy to assist you.



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