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How Champions Avoid Skin Issues

Protecting your athletes whether you are a coach, a parent, a grandparent, a friend, or an athlete yourself is important.

There are many training courses available to help you keep your athletes in top condition physically. From weight training to conditioning, most of our athletes in high schools, colleges, and at the professional level are well-covered.

But what about their skin and the issues that can arise from skin conditions like MRSA, impetigo, rashes, athlete's foot, and other skin issues that are common to athletes?

Some coaches say, “no we really don’t have skin issues, just the one or two kids that contract some issue or infection.” Since when did it become alright to have any skin issues from sport?

It is NEVER okay for an athlete to miss training or competition due to a skin issue.

Pure & Clean Sports Mat Cleanser is made for any surface that needs to be effectively cleaned. Quit using harsh chemicals to clean the mats. It’s hard on the mat and hard on the athletes. Use Pure & Clean Sports products help abolish skin issues!

Check out this video to find out a little bit about Pure & Clean Sports...

But why Pure & Clean Sports?

As a coach, you want what's best for your athletes. You train them hard and push them to be their best, and you want to make sure they are healthy and safe both on and off the field. Protecting athletes from infections is a multifaceted effort that requires collaboration among coaches, athletes, healthcare professionals, and support staff. One of the most important ways you can keep your athletes safe is by making sure your facilities are clean and free of harmful bacteria and germs. But using harsh chemicals to clean your locker rooms, mats, and equipment can actually do more harm than good, and even put your athletes at risk for infection.

With numerous potential threats to our athletes' well-being, it's crucial to provide them with the utmost protection available. Explore the comprehensive offerings at, dedicated to ensuring the health and safety of your beloved athletes. Take proactive steps and place your order today. The last thing anyone wants is to receive news that their athlete can't participate due to a preventable infection.

Have questions? Need to know how you can protect your athlete from a preventable infection?

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