Mold is disgusting

I just earned my mold prevention certificate and in doing so, I learned a lot about mold. More than I wanted to know. Mold is a disgusting voracious eater that damages and eventually destroys what it lives on.

Let's look at what mold is, where it grows and how to prevent it, especially on a boat or other seasonal recreational vehicle. Please note: The information in this article is from the training I received and is tweaked/condensed to fit this shorter blog post.

What is mold?

A huge disgusting mold growth.

Mold is fungi that grow in the form of multicellular strands known as hyphae. Mold grows on many surfaces but is only visible to the human eye when it forms a large colony, called mycelium.

But it all starts with tiny single spores.

Fiberglass, vinyl, canvas, and rubber are co