Catch a championship, not an infection!

Updated: Sep 15

There has been a lot of talk about how our cell phones, computers, and other items are filthy and riddled with bacteria. The constant and necessary use of these items allows the transmission of bacteria and can cause many health concerns.

Impetigo on a child's chin.

Yet, there is something else many of us don't think about often. There are places and equipment that your children or grandchildren visit or use every day. And they are the leading contributor to illnesses such as MRSA (pronounced mersa), Impetigo, Herpes, and Ringworm. Where is this “horrible” place? It is the school gymnasium, locker rooms, and sports equipment. Think about wrestling for a moment. Numerous kids are competing on a mat that is potentially full of sweat, saliva, and blood. One child that unknowingly has an infection can easily pass this on to your child and many others.

Ringworm on leg.

How about Football? Volleyball? Basketball? As athlete after athlete practices, plays, and sweats in that equipment, germs and bacteria begin to build up. Smelly locker rooms can have fungus growing in the showers and floors. Bleachers shared by thousands of cheering fans throughout the year can be a home to dangerous microbes. Just as sports are an often “vital” part of growing up and school life, Vital Oxide should be a vital part of the overall health of your school especially places where sweat, saliva and more can land (basically everywhere!).

Vital Oxide can play a massive part in saving your favorite sports teams from being fined, suspended, getting sick, or losing game time. How? By laying down a 2 step protection that can’t be matched. LastGerm offers products that are safe to use on ANY surface, and as it continuously kills bacteria, it will not cause irritation to anyone! If your team is healthy, you don’t risk getting others sick or spreading a nasty infection.