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Tips for Your Best Health and Wellbeing

Being healthy doesn't have to be a mystery or even a challenge. Check out this short post and learn some awesome, easy ways to help yourself to the healthiest year of your life!

I was the focal point of a weight loss contest that ran through our newspaper (Independent News Herald) for over 10 years. I became quite an expert in health and fitness over that time period. I read and did many hours of research each week about health, fitness, and weight loss. I was in all ways considered an expert. Even though we no longer run the contest, I still spend many hours a month reading and "digesting" information about nutrition, health, fitness, and more related to weight loss and the prevention of diseases.

Today, I will post some of the best tips for living your healthiest year ever including some of the products that I use to enhance the prevention of diseases, because, let's face it, diseases are getting stronger and nastier and are increasing in number.

Tip #1 - Eating for a healthier life

There are a lot of foods out there that purport to be "healthy." Trust me, just because the label says a product is "healthy" does not mean that it is.

I cannot tell you that you cannot eat certain foods and be healthy. I will not tell you to only eat fruits and vegetables to be healthy. I believe that your food choices are yours alone but I will tell you that eating whole foods is much more healthy than eating all ready-made food.

  • If the food product you are purchasing has more than one to three ingredients, you should probably put it back on the shelf!

  • If the food has ingredients that you cannot pronounce, you should probably leave them on the shelf.

  • If the food has a lot of extra added sugars, leave it alone!

You will be a lot healthier if you are eating more foods that are single-ingredient foods. Let me explain.

When I was growing up, we usually had meat, a vegetable, and fruit for lunch and supper/dinner. We also typically had a slice of buttered bread and a glass of milk. Those are all single-ingredient foods. We might have a stew that included meat, potatoes, and some other vegetable but they are all individual ingredients. That is what I mean by single-ingredient foods. They can be mixed together, but I don't recommend buying a can of stew because who really knows what is all in there?

Eating healthy does not have to be a burden. It can be a lot of fun because it gives you more flexibility and also makes you think a little more instead of simply grabbing a can and opening it.

There are tons of articles out there that will tell you more than you can imagine about what food to eat and how to prepare it. But I will not rehash all of that for you. If you are interested in reading more you can check out my personal blog at for more.

Tip #2 - Walking for better health

When we talk about exercise and fitness, many people immediately think that they need to get a fitness club membership or purchase all sorts of expensive equipment for a home workout. Trust me, you do not need to do any of those things, although you certainly can.

Walking is undoubtedly the least expensive and one of the most beneficial forms of exercise. You don't need any expensive or fancy equipment—except a good pair of walking shoes.

"Walking gets the feet moving, the blood moving, the mind moving. And movement is life." —Carrie Latet

When you walk, you do get things moving and because living things move, walking is a great way to get outside and move! If you don't like to walk alone, find a friend or family member who wants to walk. Walk your dog. There are so many ways to get out there and walk. Take advantage of your surroundings and walk!

Tip #3 - Beating the type 2 diabetes odds

I have type 2 diabetes. There are days when I am truly unhealthy. My blood sugar might be really high or really low. When I eat certain foods, I can become very ill. When I get a cold or other flu-like illness, it can take me longer to get over it and I might get sicker than others do.

I test my blood sugar regularly. I have recently begun to use a Continuous Glucose Monitoring device (CGM) so I don't have to prick my finger several times a day. This device is attached to my arm (some people wear them on their stomachs) and constantly reads my blood glucose levels. As someone who struggles with diabetes, this device is a very beneficial addition because I can check where I am at a specific time in addition to the continuous readings. I can see how certain foods affect me and know what works and what doesn't work.

As with the eating tip, you can find out more at

Tip #4 - Keeping your home, office, church, school and more clean

This one is often neglected when we are thinking about health. But if your home, workplace, church, school, etc. is not healthy, then it will be much harder to get and stay healthy. is an excellent place to find the products you need to make and keep your home, church, workplace, school, and the like—healthier places for you to live.

Just like all of the other tips I have provided, you need to realize that keeping your surroundings healthy is a HUGE part of getting and keeping healthy overall!

We have so many products that can meet such a variety of needs from surface care (counters, tables, chairs, church pews, you name it), to wound care (cuts, burns, mosquito bites, you name it), mold remediation and prevention, and athletic protection. These are all such important parts of our lives and certainly something we can all make better for ourselves.

We also have hand-sanitizing products along with our new GoldShield line of products to sanitize every inch of your home, church, office, workplace, school, car, and more.


At we are all about solutions to the problems that face us every day. There are so many things that can impact our lives from the food we eat to the homes we live in. can be your go-to solution for many of the problems that make our homes, offices, workplaces, schools, churches, and any place where people gather. Check us out today!

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