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The importance of having a safe space

Having a safe space to work is important. In fact, employee safety is a top concern for many employers.

According to a survey done by Littler, an employment law practice and reported by Industry Week, "The majority of respondents (93%) are worried about ensuring that workplace conditions and policies comply with applicable safety and health regulations. The most common steps taken in response were communicating hygiene practices and prevention measures (98%), restricting travel (83%), and canceling meetings (78%). Several survey respondents also said they were grappling with how to address employee anxiety and how to find the right balance in responding appropriately without panicking employees." 1

A safe space goes beyond just the physical workspace. Many of us work jobs or have side work that requires us (or at least inspires us) to go to exhibitions and other shows where we can display, model, or present our information.

Keeping those spaces safe is also a big concern for many because if you are shaking hundreds of hands during a show, you sure don't want to get sick or make others sick. has got you covered!

Distributor Shows

There are a lot of distributor shows and opportunities that come up all year round, but especially in the spring of the year to show off your company's products. What a great time to show your potential customers that you really care about them by giving them added protection during a show.

Sure they are going to visit many other booths, even those of your competition, but you just might have an edge by showing your visitors that you care for their health by not only having bottles of BioProtect Hydrating Hand Sanitizer at their disposal but also keeping your show area sanitized throughout the day with Vital Oxide.

Looking for someplace to network?

There are numerous events happening everywhere, and the Small Business Expo is top-notch!! They are a bit spendy if you want to exhibit, but the payback can be incredible!

If you just want to get into an event and do some networking, it's FREE!! Grab a pile of fliers, business cards, or better yet... use your Verb App and start getting those priceless connections!

Here is a link for the upcoming small business expo networking events.

There are hundreds of shows around, though, and you could even host one yourself! The options are endless!

Special Exhibitor Specials

Lastgerm has a couple of really great exhibitor packages to help you have the safe space you are looking for at an exhibition/convention/trade show.

This one has everything you need for keeping your booth or area sanitized for a day or two or more conventions.

You will not only keep your space sanitized, but you will also have hundreds of hand sanitizer uses with this package. When you have several hundred or several thousand people coming through, you will be set with this package!

Questions or need more information?

Do you have more questions? Find an agent near you who will be happy to assist you.



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