We're not in Kansas anymore: Part 2

Pro Ag in Eagle Bend was torn apart (middle left of photo). The town of Eagle Bend was hit hard by what appears to be a tornado. —photos by the Todd County Minnesota Sheriff's Office drone

About three weeks ago, the city of Clarissa in the state of Minnesota was rocked when an EF1 tornado tore up the town. That was on Thursday, May 12.

Approximately three weeks later, the scene above greeted people in the city of Eagle Bend which is located about five miles from Clarissa.

To have one tornado go through the county was a rarity but to have two in less than one month's time was devestating.

We realize that there were areas that were hit harder by the storms of Monday, May 30 but when I was in school I was taught to "write what you know." I know Eagle Bend.