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What is that smell?

We recently took in a short-term house guest. She was small and quiet and we thought she would be a great fit in our sometimes chaotic home.

She was great—at first.

We introduced her to the rest of the "family" and she seemed very happy and content, however, she had a BIG problem. She refused to use the "toilet" properly.

Our new kitten did her "business" everywhere, but especially in my office. If you have ever had cats, you know the smell that can arise when they are not using their litter box. Peeewww!

The Problem

The day after we got her, I walked into our house and was immediately slapped in the face by a huge noseful of ammonia. There are a lot of odors out there that are repugnant, but I think cat urine is the worst and one of the hardest to get out of carpets and upholstered furniture.

Step one in eliminating our problem was to

rehome the kitten as soon as possible. That was an easy task as her original owner's daughter wanted her back. She was cute and cuddly, I hated to send her away, but my nose couldn't take much more.

Bye-bye stinky kitty.

Even though no more urine was being "distributed" on my office carpeting, the smell was lingering. And it seemed to be intensifying!

Trying to find a successful remedy

I tried some odor "eliminating" sprays, but those only briefly covered the scent with their own sweetly sickening smell.

I tried to scrub the spots on the carpet where I thought she might have urinated.

Nothing was working. In fact, it almost appeared to be getting worse still!

The Solution

Why I didn't think of Vital Oxide first is beyond me, but sometimes the most obvious and best answer eludes us as we seek out solutions.

Getting rid of that nasty cat odor and other pet odors is actually one of the many wonderful uses of the very versatile Vital Oxide.

About Vital Oxide and its odor-eliminating powers

Vital Oxide is an Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered product that is a super effective odor eliminator. It is ready to use with no mixing required.

In tackling my "cat" odor, I sprayed Vital Oxide right from the bottle all around the room. The smell did not disappear immediately, but within a few hours, it had been nearly eliminated. If you have ever had a cat urine odor in your house, you know that it is a smell that is really hard to get rid of. After a day, the smell no longer existed!

Because Vital Oxide is safe, I didn't have to worry about my other pets getting sick from smelling or coming into contact with the product.

Easy and effective clean-up

According to the Vital Oxide site, here is the method for cleaning up pet urine and eliminating the odor.

Whether it's urine, vomit, or droppings, Vital Oxide has the cleaning power to eradicate foul-smelling odors and stubborn stains.

1. To clean urine from carpets or upholstery, use a dry towel to initially blot up as much of the urine as possible, being careful to not rub it in.

2. Then, rinse the area with a bit of hot water to dilute the remaining urine.

3. Repeat the first step to blot up as much of the urine and water as possible.

4. Finally, spray Vital Oxide on the area to eliminate odors and stains. Be sure to use enough of the formula to penetrate the carpet or upholstery fibers and all areas the urine may have penetrated and simply let air dry. A fan can be used to dry the carpet or upholstery faster if needed. Its formula contains a unique form of stabilized chlorine dioxide that is very effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and mold yet non-corrosive to treated articles and gentle enough to handle without causing skin irritation.

Vital Oxide handles and eliminates odors of all kinds

Whether the smell is from leftover foods in the kitchen to cigarette smoke in the car, Vital Oxide gets rid of those foul odors by attacking the odor-causing bacteria without damaging the surfaces or articles being treated. It is highly effective on harsh odors such as tobacco, smoke, cooking equipment, sports equipment, locker rooms, musty odors, and the like. Vital Oxide cuts to the source of the odors on a molecular level instead of masking the smells with often harsh fragrances.

Have you ever had to deal with "stink bugs" or "beetles"? They can leave a nasty smell in your home that is nearly impossible to get rid of. Vital Oxide is not meant to kill the bugs yet it will eliminate that horrible smell from seasonal infestations!

Vital Oxide works on the cause of the odor and eliminates it!

Don't cover bad odors, get rid of them!

We all know the embarrassment of a stinky house, car, office, or cabin. With Vital Oxide, you can eliminate those smells safely and easily and eliminate the embarrassment of a house that smelled like last year's stinky shoes.

Our 2-Step Process

Our 2-step process begins with completely killing any existing bacteria, viruses, and germs that are on a surface and getting in deep and eliminating those nasty odors, too!

If you want to learn more about how Vital Oxide and/or how the 2-step process can help you or if you have any questions about odor elimination, you can contact an agent near you. They will be happy to assist you.

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