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What Vital Oxide cannot do

Nearly every week we talk about what Vital Oxide can do.

What we don't talk about is what Vital Oxide cannot do.

Vital Oxide cannot do anything unless you use it. That makes sense, right?

For example:

  • It cannot kill mold and mildew... if you don't use it

  • It cannot kill odors associated with mold and mildew or bacteria...if you don't use it

  • It cannot sanitize your working surfaces...if you don't use it

  • It cannot kill microbes associated with disease...if you don't use it

  • It cannot help prevent illnesses by keeping spaces clean & disinfected..if you don't use it.

It cannot do anything if you do not use it. It will merely sit on a shelf amongst your other "cleaning" products and gather dust.

Not using Vital Oxide is the equivalent of not using moisturizer on chapped hands.

Not using Vital Oxide is like going into the arctic air without a jacket on. You are not protected. Why would anyone want to risk hypothermia without that jacket? In like manner, why would anyone risk illness without Vital Oxide? It just doesn't make sense.

Using Vital Oxide for its proven qualities

I could tell you all day long how good Vital Oxide is, but I will let the science speak for me.

The Science Behind our products

Conventional disinfectants and antimicrobials kill microbes by poisoning them with toxic chemicals. Even those that achieve results with nontoxic ingredients are designed to both act and dissipate quickly to avoid harm to humans and animals. Unfortunately, as soon as the disinfectant evaporates, so does its killing properties. Unlike other antimicrobials, our system is odor-free, environmentally neutral, safe to use in child and pet areas, and can remain antimicrobial active for an extended period of time. Our 2-step process begins with completely killing any existing bacteria, virus and germs that are on a surface. Vital Oxide is a hospital grade disinfectant that is EPA Registered and can be found on the N list as a product that successfully eliminates SARS-CoV-2 (COVID-19). This product is applied with an electrostatic sprayer, allowing every surface point to be sanitized. After 5 minutes, 99.999% of microbes are eliminated. The unique part of our process is our second product. BioProtect is an anti-microbial surface protectant. EPA Registered and FDA Approved, this product can be used in any facility, including areas where children and pets play and on food prep areas. Once again, we use our sprayer to lay down a protectant on all porous and non-porous surfaces and this barrier provides a continual elimination of any microbe that lands on this surface! Just spray, mist or fog onto a surface directly from the bottle or electrostatic or ULV sprayer, it’s as easy as that! No rinse is required, even for food surface contact, and remains effective for up to 90 days.

We know that Vital Oxide is an all-in-one Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) registered hospital-grade disinfectant, cleaner, sanitizer, mold and mildew remover, and odor eliminator!

We also know that Vital Oxide is very effective against Sars-CoV-2 and other virus and bacterial infections such as MRSA, Staph and the Flu!

That "hero" ingredient is called Chlorine Dioxide. This is the power of Vital Oxide that creates a fast-acting, environmentally-friendly, effective broad-spectrum antimicrobial agent.

"Chlorine dioxide is a versatile disinfectant that was introduced to the United States in the 1940s to disinfect drinking water. While it has chlorine in its name, it’s very different from chlorine bleach." And we know that bleach is not the best thing for us to use!

But, again, Vital Oxide cannot do anything if it is sitting unused on a shelf!

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Vital Oxide can do a lot of things, but the number one thing it cannot do is work if you don't use it!

Do you have questions about what Vital Oxide can and cannot do? Find an agent near you who will be happy to assist you.

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