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Happy Kids with Books

"Are Your Schools Prepared to Open?"

Many states closed schools for the remainder of this school year. And now they are looking for ways to safely open in late summer or early fall.  While children have not been victims of COVID-19 as often as adults they can be carriers. They can be asymptomatic and still carry the virus back home or spread it unknowingly in the classroom or on a school bus.

Our Long Term Solution
To a Long Term Problem


There is perhaps no place with more germs than a school. The hallways are filled with children sneezing and then giving each other a hug or handshake—and if even just one student is sick, bacteria can easily bounce around from one kid to the next.

College Campus

High Schools

Even worse, with contaminated chairs, desks, doorknobs, and more, kids are practically sitting in germ-filled bubbles and don't even realize it. But what in particular should you be on the lookout for when sending your kids off to school this year?

Empty Hallway

Schools NEED Long-Lasting Protection

Controlling viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and more in the classroom and on school buses seems almost impossible. Until now.  The products we use are Patented, EPA Registered & NSF approved,  and safe for surfaces, toys and all areas used by children. Sanitize, then obstruct any bacterial growth longer up to 90 days!

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