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From the desk of the CEO.....

As a small town girl living in northern Minnesota, I could have never imagined I would be taking on the role of CEO to a national company. Yet, it seems God had other plans! 


In late 2019, Rickey Gooch and Bill Salin set out to build and our unique 2 Step Process. Because of their dedication and efforts, our process is now available to help EVERYONE greatly reduce the microbes in our homes, businesses, churches and more. Death by infection is a huge concern in the USA, and it is the goal of to eliminate this wherever possible.


As we entered 2020, the company was just getting off the ground and like a missile dropping, COVID rocked our world. I entered the scene as Executive Administrator in June of 2020. We have been through so many challenges during this year of COVID and yet we are one of the few companies still in business and providing the 2 Step Process!

In October 2021, Rickey and Bill decided it was time to turn over the ship and I graciously accepted the role of CEO. There is incredible potential within this company and I intend to fully see this through to the success it can become. 

My family is built on strong Christian values, hard work ethic and dedication to serving our communities. This is the expectations I have with my family, both at home and in business. Our company is here to change YOUR world by eliminating viruses and bacteria with safe, friendly products that do the job right, the first time. 

Join me as we build a confident, trustworthy company that will no doubt change the world! 

Kristine Brown


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