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Hospital Staff


Floor contamination was common in rooms used for any patients, and those used only to isolate patients with C. difficile infections, but MRSA and VRE organisms were found more often on the floors of the patients with C. difficile infections. Interestingly, C. difficile was found as frequently in the general patient rooms as in those used just to isolate patients with the infection—meaning it was transported there by some means.


As a Health Care Professional, you are Facing a New Battle Every Minute 

"Although healthcare facility floors are often heavily contaminated, limited attention has been paid to disinfection of floors because they are not frequently touched," said Dr. Abhishek Deshpande, a researcher in the study, in a press release from Elsevier Health Sciences. "The results of our study suggest that floors in hospital rooms could be an under-appreciated source for dissemination of pathogens and are an important area for additional research."


And, this is just the floors - where 99% of the time, there is a barrier between your skin and the floor. What about everything else? No matter what the item or surface, nearly anything that comes in contact with you could easily be full of unknown infestations that can cause serious illness or even death. 


Think about all the things that you touch every day as a Nurse, Doctor, or even Housekeeping for your clinic, hospital, or long term facility. The TV shows that grossly portray the "blood and guts" of an emergency room can sometimes be so very real in the everyday work of the health care professional.


There is no doubt that every time YOU enter another situation, the possibility of obtaining bacteria, infections, viruses, and many other potential hazards can be the scariest part of the responsibility you accept in this industry. 

There is something that YOU can do to decrease your chances of these types of infections, viruses, and other issues. 


Our product is a 2 step application that is EPA Registered & NSF approved to sanitize and protect YOU, your team, your patients, and your family for years. 

Did you know? Our Step 2 product is actually applied to artificial body parts such as knees, hips and more - prior to introducing into the body! If the medical field trusts our product enough to place inside your body, shouldn't you? 


You NEED Long-Lasting Protection

Controlling viruses, bacteria, mold, odors and more in a health care facility seems almost impossible. Until now. The products we use are Patented, EPA Registered, NSF approved and safe to use in nearly all areas of homes and businesses. 

Sanitize, then obstruct any bacterial growth up to 90 days!

Stop Managing. Start Healing. 
Learn more about our Wound Care System providing incredible success for patients and providers! 

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