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Is Your Office Making You Sick?


What is hiding in your office?


Image by CDC
Image by CDC
Image by CDC
Image by CDC

You May Be Trying to Stay Safe from the Coronavirus
But Are You Truly Safe?

Shocking research proves there are health dangers lurking in every office.

• Shoes

• Purse, briefcase, backpacks
• Bathroom
• Coffee Maker, Water Filtration, Blenders, Refrigerators, Microwaves 
• Flooring of all kinds

• HVAC System
• Kitchen utensils - Coffee mugs,  knives, can opener, spatulas, cutting boards, towels, sponges
• Doorknobs, trim, walls
• Electronics - tables, cell phones, remotes, computers, office equipment
• Desks furniture
• Elevator buttons
• Keyboards
• Water cooler
• Vending machines

Every ROOM in Every Office!

Read more here  Germiest Places in Your Office

People Working in Open Office

You NEED Long-Lasting Protection

Controlling viruses, germs, bacteria, mold, odors and more in your office seems almost impossible. Until now. The product used by LastGerm are EPA Registered & NSF Certified, child and pet safe!

Sanitize and then obstruct any bacterial growth!

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