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Is your Floor really CLEAN?

Floors are a top area for pathogens to thrive. Floors in the kitchen are close to food contact areas such as countertops and fridges. It’s easy for pathogens to transfer back and fourth between surfaces with all of the foot traffic and splashes that happen in kitchens.

Floor contamination has the potential to cause serious health issues, especially if you have young children who spend a lot of time on the floor. Having a clean floor is important for a healthy home. Here are some tips to prevent floor contamination.

AVOID BUCKETS OF WATER In the traditional mop and water bucket set up, the water can become dirty quickly. When you mop with dirty water you are essentially just spreading the dirt and germs around with your mop.


Always start with a clean mop pad and switch floor cleaning pads out as soon as they are soiled.


Choosing an effective disinfectant is essential for clean floors. Choosing a non-toxic disinfectant, that doesn’t negatively impact the health of your family is equally important.

CLEAN FREQUENTLY Clean your floors often, especially after preparing raw meat products. You never know when an unnoticed splash or drip could have occurred.

DUST, MOLD, ALLERGENS AND BACTERIA LOVE CARPETS In a study completed by Kemper Research, over 200 staff and students were complaining of constant illness. After a deep clean and sanitization, an antimicrobial protectant was applied on the carpeting. Within 2 weeks nearly all complaints had ceased.

PROTECT YOUR FLOORS Once you have thoroughly cleaned and disinfected, apply an antimicrobial protectant that provides up to 90 days of continual elimination of bacteria, mold, mildew and allergens. BONUS - Your floors and carpets will look better - longer!

LEAVE YOUR SHOES AT THE DOOR Shoes can bring a plethora of unwanted germs into your home from the outside world. It’s best to leave them at your entryway.

This 2 Step Process is available for YOU - protect your children, pets, and surfaces from constant bacteria issues. Learn more HERE!

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