My house stinks!

My house stinks and I don't mean that in the "I don't like my house, it stinks" way. I mean, my house literally stinks! It is mostly because my granddaughter tried using the microwave to heat up her waffles for breakfast. She set the timer for 5 minutes and walked away! She figured if a minute for pre-made pancakes was good, then waffles--being thicker--would require longer.

Obviously, she did not notice the sickly smell coming from the kitchen after about 2 and a half minutes. (This makes me start to rethink feeding her food that smells that rotten after a couple of minutes of cooking/burning!)

Maybe your house stinks, too. But you might have gone "nose blind" to it as a popular commercial suggests.

Even if we don't notice the odors in our homes, other people may.

Let's look at odors and what can be the cause of our stinky houses!