Poison Exposure. It's real and increasing

Lysol, Clorox, Purell, Pine-Sol, Pure & Clean, Windex, Seventh Generation, and all the major brand names you might know in between.

However, have you ever stopped and wondered what's in them? They do a great job of cleaning, sanitizing and disinfecting surfaces, objects, and practically anything tangible. Whether we recognize these brands or not on the store shelves, we see these products, take them home, and use them without even considering what they're made of.

There are so many products and brands to choose from, especially now during a pandemic, where we have become much more vigilant in the way we clean that we might overlook what's actually in the product themselves. The fact still remains, we're cleaning, sanitizing, and disinfecting more than ever before.

What we see today is an emergence of products rushing to get the EPA's blessing on whether their products are deemed acceptable for use, or the opposite, in the case of hand sanitizers, actually have been banned as suppliers ship them into the country without being reviewed by the EPA or FDA in the first place.

While these products may work effectively on surfaces or objects, it is important to follow their labels and safety guidelines. You'll also want to keep in mind the potential implications or side effects the product you're bringing home might cause if used incorrectly or in general. If a cleaning product or chemical is harmful or you need to be careful using it, it will likely have one or more of these words on the label: