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Staying Covid free is not Free. LastGerm is here to help!

I went to my hometown pharmacy the other day to pick up a prescription. On the counter, they had do-it-yourself-at-home COVID tests for sale—$49 per test.

I thought, "Hey, that's pretty reasonable."

But then I thought about it some more. If a person has to test a couple of times a week at $49 a pop, that's $98. Plus tax. Per week.

It goes without saying—but I'll say it anyway—That's A LOT of MONEY! Whether you are paying for it out of your own pocket or your employer is paying it, it is still costing YOU!

If you are currently paying anything (even if you are getting reimbursed) for your testing program, STOP! With LastGerm, not only do we provide products for self-sanitizing surfaces - now we offer FREE Covid Testing for everyone!

So why is this important and why now?

Well, let me explain...

Let's look at several challenges we are dealing with.

First, the constantly changing variants of Covid-19. The mutations seem to be more powerful each time and they are getting here faster. The ability test FREE every 72 hours could greatly reduce the transmission rate of this virus. Every day you are pro-active could save many others from becoming ill.

Second, it's the holidays. And, we have been waiting literally for two years to get out and "party like it's 1999!" Everywhere I look there are multiple choices for activities. Concerts, Santa parties, movies, family dinners, and of course the abundance of travel and New Years Eve parties. Would you enjoy these memorable times even more if you knew everyone at the party tested negative for the fastest growing virus? And, upon return to work, college, or your hometown - it is also a relief getting tested and knowing YOU are healthy!

Thirdly, on November 4, President Biden and the Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) released the mandatory vaccine/testing requirements for businesses with more than 100 personnel. This mandate is on a temporary legal hold, but millions of businesses could soon be facing difficult decisions. Non-compliance violations could mean up to a $14,000 fine, not to mention the cost of the testing kits and breaks in productivity to send people out to get tested.

Even if the mandate does not pass, there are a lot of really great reasons to do COVID-19 tests frequently, especially in settings like schools, churches, and places of work. If there is a number of people in close proximity, then regular testing is important. Ensuring that everyone is COVID free builds confidence in everyone that enters your facility. It also can decrease the days that staff or students are out due to illness and onsite testing can take a few minutes instead of hours to travel to an outside facility.

Last Germ is able to assist your business or organization with this for whatever reasons you decide to do testing. Our partnership with My Covid Tests will help your organization, no matter what size, with 100% FREE test kits.

Wait! What?

Yes, 100% free. Read on!

Many organizations have considered weekly testing as an incredible way to build confidence in their staff and clients and have implemented programs even without any mandates in place.

Currently - many companies will be/are doing the following to comply with testing:

• Find the money in the budget to buy all the necessary testing supplies

• Have access to a Doctor that will sign off for the testing (NPI approval #)

• Provide trained staff to administer the tests

• Provide trained staff to document and file the proper paperwork

• Pay for overnight shipping of all the tests to the lab

• Organize and provide results to all test takers

• Wait 60-90 days for reimbursements from medical insurance or the CARES Act

Here is how we can help you:

• We (Last Germ and My Covid Tests) have reserved 250k tests per week thru June 2022

• We have an NPI # validated through our staff Doctors allowing purchase of test supplies

• We have self-administering tests (cheek or nasal swab) so a "proctor" (someone to oversee the self-tests) is the only person needed during testing times

• After the initial registration process, each tester provides an ID card with the swab. No other paperwork is needed from the employer

• Results show in 24 hours through a digital portal. The employer will receive all positive results. Every employee will have an app that will provide them with their results, either negative or positive. This app will be very helpful if they are in a location that will require validation of negative results in order to enter a facility, event, etc

• We file all the necessary processing documents (HIPAA compliant)

• We also have antigen testing available with 15-minute results for large events such as concerts, cruise ships, sports events, etc. With our relationships with leading providers and laboratories, we can do this all 100% FREE. No out-of-pocket cost to anyone in your facility -EVER.

Join us for this informational call that will inform you about a FREE Partnership thru We are able to take care of all the challenges concerning Covid Testing including all supplies, staffing, paperwork, shipping, and results - leaving you to do what's most important to YOU and those you serve.

Please join us for a LIVE webinar to get all your questions answered. (Click the following link to get signed up for the next webinar.)

Wednesday, December 8 at 1 PM CST􀂻􀀮􀂮􀂻􀁒􀁳􀁆􀊅􀂣􀂦􀁿􀁆􀂦􀀁

We Are Here to Help You Reopen and Stay Open

For more information, you may also visit our page on Covid Testing. And remember, keeping your surfaces sanitized is just as helpful as testing. For more information on our 2 Step Process, visit us at LastGerm or connect with an agent HERE


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Dec 15, 2021

Great value and great idea!

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