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The Fungus has left the building—at least for the time being . . .

Sometimes the saying, "the best-laid plans of mice and men often go awry" is more true than we ever could imagine. For example, our plan was to write part 2 of our information about the fungal infection blastomycosis and how our LastGerm products could help eliminate or at least reduce the threat. However, the best-laid plans...

Instead, we are going to tell you about a new product we are introducing called Tae'Tu.

Okay, what is Tae'Tu?

First off, it is a great solution to some of the common problems that can occur whenever we are doing body art from tattoos to piercings, to permanent make-up and microblading.

It is a single, water-based, moisturizing aftercare product that covers all your bases. Combining a proven and gentle antiseptic ingredient, with the unique characteristics of a patented formula, tae'tu provides a highly effective, long-lasting protection that outlasts any other product.

It has been proven effective against some of the "icky" parts of the healing process!

  • itching

  • infection

  • swelling

  • redness


Unlike other aftercare products that stop protecting as soon as they dry, Tae'Tu will protect you from infection the moment you put it on and all the hours between recommended twice-daily applications.


Proven fact:​ • the active ingredient in Tae'Tu has been used in a variety of products in the healthcare industry for decades. It has been proven safe, gentle, and effective infection protection for use before surgical procedures and for minor wound care for all ages - even for sensitive skin.

Try it for care after:






You can check out more information on our website, too! Look for special pricing for a limited time!

Check it out. It doesn't have an odor and is easy to apply and helps healing and can even brighten up old tattoos!

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