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In this Bundle, you receive:


All Purpose Cleaner  - 32 oz bottle

Disinfectant - 32 oz bottle 

Disinfectant Wipes - 80 count 

Anti-microbial 32 oz bottle

Foaming Hand Sanitizer - 1.7 oz


Great bundle with easy to use containers. Purchase our Whole House Bundle and receive 1 gallon of each product. Simple refill your smaller containers and keep your home clean and fresh! 


With the Goldshield Surface Cleaning System, you can set aside worry and have confidence and peace of mind that your time, money, and health have been protected.  We are surrounded by surfaces every moment of every day, in our homes, cars, work, and out and about.  Not only that, so are our children and pets.  No one has time to wonder if all their hard work cleaning is actually protecting them or not.

Gold Shield Simply Clean Bundle


Refunds are not provided to any product that has been opened. Unopened product may be returned within 15 days of validated delivery to the customer. Shipping is not paid for returns. If you require assistance on application, or have additional questions, please contact us at

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