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  • YOUR TATTOO WILL LOOK BRIGHTER AND NEWER FOR LONGER: When you use Tae'Tu aftercare bandages you get more vibrant colors and darker darks. Tae'Tu wrap does this by locking in the moisture your body needs to heal quickly, reduce peeling, and eliminate dryness and scabbing on your tattoo.
  • HEAL AND CARE FOR YOUR TATTOO LIKE A PROFESSIONAL: Tae'Tu aftercare bandages and balms are artists tested, preferred, and approved. When you use Tae'Tu products you’re using the same products that professional tattoo artists use on themselves and their clients.
  • YOUR TATTOO IS COVERED AND PROTECTED: During those critical days after getting your tattoo water, dirt, and germs can irritate, lead to infection, and damage your ink. Using Tae'Tu tattoo aftercare bandages helps ensure that your tattoo is protected from foreign contaminants. Wraps are also 100% breathable to give your tattoo the oxygen it needs to heal properly.
  • LATEX FREE: Saniderm tattoo aftercare bandage wraps are always latex-free. This makes it easier for you to protect your new tattoo and help it heal faster without having to worry about latex-related allergies.

Tae'Tu Aftercare Wraps

$29.99 Regular Price
$21.00Sale Price

Spring Savings!

Tae'Tu was specifically developed with the user in mind.  You're busy, life is fast-pace, and we are all constantly surrounded by things that can infect a new tattoo.  Tae'Tu's powerful, long-lasting protection can be used after your procedure and beyond - keeping your tattoo looking vibrant and new.


1. Once the art and basic clean-up are complete, pump Tae'Tu directly onto the skin and lightly spread across the tattoo and surrounding area.

2. You may allow to air dry.



1. Remove wrappings if applicable and do your standard basic cleaning and allow to dry.

2. Pump Tae'Tu directly on the tattoo and smooth around until the entire tattoo and an inch of the surrounding skin are shiny and wet.

3. Gently rub it around until dry or, if it's too painful, you may allow it to air dry.

4. The protection will last until the next good cleaning.  We recommend applying after every bandage changing, cleaning, or shower.


NOTE: For the best protection, apply to as dry of skin as possible and always allow Tae'Tu to fully dry if you plan on also covering with a protective wrapping.


NOTE: If you are applying to an already infected piercing site, Step 1 should always be to fully clean the area and remove any signs of the infection (i.e. puss, crusting).

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