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Our EPA Registered, NSF Approved, Hospital Grade, Deep Disinfection Service Kills 99.999% of Viruses, Bacteria and Pathogens has been approved by the EPA for use against SARS-CoV-2, the coronavirus that caused the Coronavirus 2019 (COVID-19). We meet the EPA's emerging pathogen requirements for viruses showing efficacy against envelope and nonenveloped virus, both large and small. 
Viruses, bacteria, mold and mildew have no chance of survival! 

This amazing product is "Step 1" in our system is an EPA-registered hospital disinfectant cleaner, mold killer, and odor eliminator. Its formula contains a unique form of stabilized chlorine dioxide that is very effective at killing bacteria, viruses, and mold yet non-corrosive to treated articles and gentle enough to handle without causing skin irritation. It is ready to use with no mixing required—just spray, wipe, or fog right from the bottle. . 


STOP using chlorine bleach and other harmful chemicals

Replace your current cleaners, sanitizers and disinfectants with ONE product that will eliminate bacteria, viruses, mold, allergens and odors throughout your home and business  

7 Solutions in ONE

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