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Over the last two years we have been absolutely bombarded with news about the COVID-19 virus and its many variants as well as other scary infections. Many of us are "sick" of hearing about it, yet, we must continue to keep our friends, family and team mates healthy and safe. 


Any type of virus or flu bug can take down your team FAST. This could mean losing a game, a championship, or worse a team mate. The LastGerm team is taking steps to help keep more coaches and their teams safer.

Because so many coaches from all over the United States will be there, this is a perfect opportunity for us to talk to them and show them firsthand how our products like Vital Oxide and BioProtect Hydrating Hand Sanitizer work not only in keeping you safe and protected but your entire team!

Odors can have a dramatic affect on your confidence. If you STINK...we can help! Vital Oxide is best on the market for eliminating odors from elbow, knee, shoulder pads as well as shoes and helmets.

Remember that cases of ringworm, impetigo, and MRSA can also have effects on your players' health. Vital Oxide can protect against those things, too!

Protecting our athletes—whether they are professional, college, high school, or just the kids from the block gathering to play a quick game before being called to supper—is vital for not only our future but our present, too!

We Kill down to the very LastGerm!

Vital Oxide is an EPA registered product super effective odor eliminator. Ready to use, with no mixing required, just spray or wipe right from the bottle. Vital Oxide eliminates a wide range of bad odors, from leftover food odors in the kitchen to cigarette smoke odors in the car.

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BIOPROTECT™ RTU Antimicrobial
Creates an invisible shield on porous and non-porous surfaces that inhibits the growth of odor and stain-causing bacteria, fungi (mold and mildew), and algae between cleanings, for up to 90 days (3 months).

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BIOPROTECT™ Foaming Hand Sanitizer
Germs are all around us, from door handles, to airplane trays, to your children’s toys. The most important thing you can do to protect yourself, your family and your colleagues from getting sick is to keep your hands clean!
 Just one application lasts up to 6 hours AND will moisturize and hydrate your hands while killing germs and bacteria. 

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