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How to beat the heat

It's mid-summer and with the warmer temperatures, many of us look for ways to beat the heat.

Read on for our top suggestions of how to beat the heat this summer.

There are many ways you can dress to keep cool from your clothing choices to the hat atop your head. . .

Keeping your cool is no secret if you dress for it.

Cotton and light-colored clothing should top your list of clothing to keep cooler. Also wear loose-fitting clothing to allow your sweat to, well, do its job which is to cool you down.

Darker colors tend to absorb heat and that won't keep you very cool even if that black leather jacket is stunning!

According to an article on, "Sunglasses are chic and functional. They prevent UV rays from scorching your corneas and will protect your eyes for many more summers to come.

According to the American Academy of Ophthalmology, you should pick sunglasses that block 99 to 100 percent of UVA and UVB rays."

See? You can look cool and feel cool at the same time!

Additionally, donning a wide-brimmed hat can be fashionable and protect your skin from the damaging rays of the sun. Make sure the brim is at least 3 inches wide.

Keep your sunscreen and lip balm close at hand . . .

A sunburn can be a nasty customer and can even lead to skin problems and cancer later on. Keep yourself protected by using sunscreen with a sun protection factor (SPF) of at least 30.

Be sure to cover areas that you don't want to be burned like your ears, nose, etc. If you intend to swim or play in the water, make sure the sunscreen is waterproof.

Don't forget about the SPF lip balm, as well.

If you do get a sunburn, don't forget to use your Pure&Clean Hydrogel. It will cool, soothe and heal up your sunburn quickly.

Check this out:

In our partnership with Pure&Clean, we can provide solutions to many of the problems that ail you. For example, the very versatile Pure&Clean Hydrogel can work wonders on your bug bites and sunburn, and more. Check out the following about the product.

Pure&Clean Hydrogel Statements:

• Non-Cytotoxic

• DIY Skin Protection

• An environmentally friendly product

• Doctor and Pharmacist Recommended

• Works to manage the wound and skin, frequent and regular applications will help accelerate the process and return your skin back to its normal healthy state.

• Simple to use: Just spray it on!

• Contains no antibiotics, no steroids, and no alcohol for a sting-free first aid product!

• All-natural

• Promotes health and wellness

• Manages wounds and skin with positive results

• Spray all intact skin including hands

Safe for the management of:

• Minor wounds

• Cuts

• Scrapes

• Scratches

• Blisters

• Sunburns

• Poisoned plant sap irritations

• Rashes

• Insect bites and stings

Key Features:

• Gel alternative over a liquid

• Prevent wounds from drying out

• Aids to keep burns moist

Pure&Clean Hydrogel is unlike other wound care products, most of which are very toxic, especially to the sensitive cells that are trying to heal around the wound.

Pure&Clean Hydrogel is a one-step, easy-to-use, no mix, no dilution, no-rinse solution that deactivates many harmful microorganisms that are common in and around the wound area.

Pure&Clean Hydrogel is intended to be used in the management of cleaning and debriding of skin abrasions, lacerations, burns, minor irritations, cuts, and intact skin. Its pH is in the physiologically acceptable range of your skin and is also shelf-stable.

Stay hydrated. . .

Sometimes we just forget to drink water. But part of staying well-hydrated is sipping water throughout the day. It will help to keep you from becoming dehydrated which can cause other nasty problems.

If you don't care much for water, you can try other hydrating beverages like sugar-free juices. There are also a host of carbonated waters out there that are hydrating as well as refreshing.

Caution: As fun and refreshing as alcohol might sound, it can seriously dehydrate you. If you get dehydrated it is not a fun experience. Couple that with being intoxicated and you might find yourself in a bad situation.

If you are trying to keep cool, a cold beer in an air-conditioned room followed by a glass of water might be the way to go!

Along with drinking water, the sorts of foods you eat can also help keep you cool and hydrated.

According to, "Fruits and vegetables are easy to digest and often high in water content. Salads and other dishes rich in seasonal produce will keep you feeling light and hydrated, too.

Hydrating foods and beverages include:

  • watermelon

  • strawberries

  • broths and soups

  • tomatoes

  • bell peppers

  • coconut water

If you are active when out in the heat, be sure to drink plenty of hydrating fluids and take frequent rest times when you can get out of the heat and into the shade or into a cool building.

Remember, having fun in the sun should stay fun and enjoyable. Following our tips can help you have a cooler and safer summer!

Questions or want more information?

If you have further questions or want to know more about how we can help you with your sunburn or any sanitizing of your home, office, church, etc., please contact us and we will set you up with an agent near you that will be happy to assist you.


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