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Make it the best year ever

There are a lot of posts out there about making resolutions and setting goals and plans.

A lot of it is the same regurgitated hooey that fills our inbox and "for you pages" all year long.

I wrote something the other day when I was thinking about goal-setting/resolutions/plans. My thought was simply that making plans is great, but without ACTION nothing happens.

I defined ACTION as this:







In a nutshell, it means taking action to make our stories bigger.

The Importance of Story

There is no doubt that for most of us, a story--our story--is very important. We make friends, we build businesses, and find that so much of our lives are built around stories.

A story often defines us. It tells others who we are. It is the narrative that we live by. Having a great story to tell can go a long way.

So, what does having a story to tell have to do with making this our best year yet?

Because most stories contain action or drama or some sort of crisis.

Imagine a story about somebody who just sat and did nothing except plan and set goals. Somewhat boring, in my humble opinion.

But now imagine a story of magic and dragons and mystery and growth and action galore! Fun right?

We all have an exciting story to tell. Something that happened to us or something we did. I often tell the story of a thing that happened to me while I was in college.

My track and field teammates and I were on our way to the national competition in Indiana. I would be throwing the shot put and the javelin for my events.

But something that happened off the field was the highlight of this trip.

On the second morning of the competition, a couple of my friends and I went to the restaurant in the hotel for a quick breakfast.

It was anything but quick. We only had about 45 minutes and the line to be seated reached out into the hallway! When we finally got inside, we only had about 20 minutes left before we had to be on the bus on our way to the site of the competition.

We waved at some other friends of ours who were ready to be seated. They didn't see us, but a shockingly beautiful woman and the two big, muscular men with her did. The woman thought we were waving at her and she motioned us over to her table where there were three open chairs, just enough for the three of us.

She invited us to sit with her. She introduced herself as the speaker at a conference that was being held at the hotel. She was the Playboy centerfold for September 1987 (I may be off on the year). The two big men were her bodyguards!

She thought we were part of the conference so we explained that we were there for the National Christian College Athletic Association (NCCAA) competition and that we only had a few minutes before we had to leave but that we were starving!

It was then that I first learned the power of personality. She immediately summoned a waitress in this super busy hotel restaurant and within five minutes we had food and beverages! (I am not sure whose food and beverages we got, but we ate them without guilt!)

We visited with this very intelligent, beautiful woman and her bodyguards and then we were on our way to NCCAA fame! (Not really. I took 9th in the javelin throw with a 93-foot throw.) Some of my other teammates did very well placing first in their events.

But none of them had the kind of story we had!

We took action by going over to this woman and two men that we did not know and it garnered us a story that we can retell for a long time.

Stories are important to us because when they are a good story, they can give us center stage for a few minutes while we tell the story.

The telling of our story can make things happen in our business or personal lives as we build connections with others.

Starting 2023 Right!

One story that many of us are probably tired of hearing is about all the illnesses going around right now. COVID continues rearing its ugly head while a host of other contagious respiratory illnesses also plague us.

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We also have products to help remove mold and mildew and to keep it from coming back! You can find our more about that in the coming weeks.

Check out our site and find out more! You can start your new year right by resolving to make your life cleaner, safer and healthier and having a story to tell about it!

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